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How to Treat Trauma

It is crucial to get help when you experience any trauma. Trauma can hurt you by changing the way your brain work, your mind will change after experiencing a traumatic event. Some areas in your brain that used to work in a particular way changes because of the trauma. Apart from affecting the brain, trauma also affects the central nervous system by disrupting someone’s ability to motivate himself or calm. Trauma therapy is a treatment that is used by counselors to assist people to overcome trauma. This type of therapy is not just one treatment, there are various therapies used.

The other types of therapies used to treat trauma include; somatic therapy, anxiety therapy, EMDR, brainspotting and CBT. Somatic therapy is a therapy that relieves effects of stress, anxiety and trauma on the body. This type of therapy helps to calm the mind by first calming the body. Somatic therapy uses “felt sense ” mechanism by accessing the physical sensations and imagery patterns with less focus on the emotions. Once a traumatic event has taken place, it becomes locked in the nervous system if it was not discharged. To release the activation that is trapped, somatic therapy focuses on sensations in the body. There are three types of this therapy, they include somatic experiencing, Trauma resilience model and sensorimotor psychotherapy. Somatic experiencing encourages a person to track his or her activation to describe what happened before. The sensorimotor psychotherapy tells the story or creates a new one using the bodies intelligence. TRM is made to help people recover from shock.
Brainspotting helps to get what is underneath. EMDR, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing works by stimulating the brain. The stimulation encourages the integration of the feeling.

It is important to know what you want to achieve first from the counseling or therapy before undertaking any therapy. it is essential to be aware of your trauma and the way you usually react. The most essential goal of trauma therapy is to eliminate trauma symptoms and reclaim your power. After knowing what you want to accomplish it is time to select the best counselor or therapist that will help treat the trauma. There are many trauma healing centers where you can go and treat your trauma. Make sure you do a lot of research concerning the health center where you want to treat your trauma because each center has its type of therapies that they use to treat trauma. The location where you want to treat your trauma also matters, look for nearby counselors or healing centers so that in case you have any problem you can easily get them. When you get a trauma healing center then it is important that you ask them about various therapies they use to see if they meet your expectations.

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